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Alcohol Use Disorder


Alcohol addiction is a very serious condition that affects many people, recovery may seem like a long process, but there are many options that can help you recover. It is a common misconception that you must go away to a rehabilitation center if you would like to recover, but with the Sinclair Method of alcohol treatment you have the option to get a prescription online and begin treatment in the comfort of your home.  


What Is The Sinclair Method?


In 1978 doctors began the process of finding a way to treat alcoholism with prescription medication. With the Sinclair Method, a patient will take an opiate blocker which changes their alcohol habits to next to nothing. The opiate blocker serves to change a persons cravings and return their body to how it functioned before their addiction. There is no need to stop drinking completely if the patient does not wish to quit alcohol, they would still be able to drink responsibly at weddings, dates or dinner parties. There is about an 80% success rate with this treatment, and studies have shown that it is effective without having to go to a treatment facility so it it possible for a patient to get a prescription online and begin the process to sobriety without having to leave the comforts of their home.   

The treatment typically takes three to four months to be completed. About 25% of the patients become 100% abstinent, and while that does not seem to be much, the remaining 55% who report success cut their drinking in half to a more responsible amount. If the patient chooses to continue drinking they must continue taking the opiate blocker before drinking alcohol to maintain the results they have achieved and not slip back into unhealthy habits.


Am I Qualified for The Sinclair Method Treatment?


The Sinclair Method has been controversial. Many approaches to alcohol addiction treatment encourage the patient to completely eliminate alcohol from their life forever. The Sinclair Method allows recovering alcoholics to drink moderately, critics of the treatment think this could lead to continued or future alcohol abuse. The Sinclair Method Treatment is best for those who have shown the ability to restrain from alcohol for periods in the past when put under pressure by friends for families. It typically is not effective for those with very serious addictions who feel compelled to drink.

Typically, it is not an effective treatment for those who have been completely abstinent from alcohol. Going from 0 drinks to 2-3 can be a slippery slope for those who struggle with addiction.  


How Can I Get A Prescription?


MD Proactive evaluates patients closely and allows patients to get a prescription online for the opiate blocker if they are qualified for The Sinclair Method, and treatment can begin immediately. It is important for the patient to regularly check in with their doctor throughout their treatment. Contact MD Proactive today to get on the road to recovery.   



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