Preferred Pharmacies

  • Online Medical Treatment

    We offer online treatment for common ailments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your computer or Smartphone.

  • Board Certified American trained physicians

    When it comes to quality, we do not compromise. All our physicians are duly licensed, American trained, board certified primary care physicians. Unlike other internet providers, our physicians are located within the United States

  • We do not intend to replace your primary care physician.

    MDPROACTIVE recognizes the importance of the relationship you enjoy with your primary care physician. Not only do we want you to maintain it, we will help you strengthen it. The summary of any treatment provided by our physicians can be sent to your PCP upon your request.

  • No narcotic painkillers will be prescribed

    MDPROACTIVE physicians will not prescribe, under any circumstances, narcotic painkillers.

Online Medical Help & Treatment with Live Video Consultation

At MDProactive, you can talk to a doctor online and receive an online medical consultation when you are unable to go to your primary care physician. You don’t want to be one of many patients who have to wait for hours at urgent care centers all over USA for a minor illness, such as throat infections, acne, dermatitis, urinary tract infections or seasonal allergies. Minor medical issues now only require treatment from online doctors who write prescriptions. After your online medical consultation, we will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

Urgent Care - Talk to a Doctor Online Who Writes Prescriptions

We offer patients a new level of convenience when it comes to treating minor health problems. Our patients are able to talk to a doctor online and receive a prescription for simple infections when a primary care doctor is unable to see them. The pricing for an online medical consultation is the same as you would typically pay for your insurance co-pay at your regular physician.

Throat Infections, Eye Care, Dermatitis, Sinusitis, Seasonal Allergies & Tonsillitis

For instance, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you know how difficult it can be to make an appointment with a allergist and waiting too long to see allergists can give you further problems with your respiratory tract or cause sinusitis. Our experienced online doctors can act as a stop-gap measure to ensure you receive prescriptions for the medication you need, when you need it.

Allergists, Respiratory & Urinary Tract Infections, Acne Scar Removal

Our live video consultations are available to patients who require the experienced observation of a doctor but can’t get to their regular physician. This online medical treatment via video consultation can help you find out if your cough or throat redness is caused by simple throat infections or something more serious, such as tonsillitis. You will be able to avoid waiting hours at the doctor’s office and still get the treatment or prescription you need at nearly the same cost.